vendredi 12 juin 2020

Ulu, Hawaiian pattern.

I decided to try a new style and a Hawaiian applique quilt is a challenge for me. I'm not really good at applique, so I'll try with a small pattern.
I started reading about traditional Hawaiian quilts, and this is the first pattern a beginner has to start with: Ulu, or Breadfruit.

I did a little research, and finally, I made a drawing inspired by Pinterest pattern pictures and the real tree pictures.


cutting the fabric

ready to start the applique

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“Amish Squares”

“Amish Squares”. Left Hand Quilt (started in September 2019)

I finished the top yesterday (11/6/2020), found the backing in my stash box, and decided to make the old way binding: bringing the back to the top. Now, it's in line for hand quilting. 

It's about 38” x 29”

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samedi 30 mai 2020

Bear's Paw Quilt

Bear's Paw Quilt

New beginnings. The Hexathon quilt is basted and it's waiting for cooler weather to be quilted.
I've been taught that you need 3 projects in different stages: thinking a quilt, piecing another one, and quilting a 3rd. 

So, I went to my list of « quilts I want to make », and I decided to go for the Bear's Paw pattern.
How to make it without buying fabrics? (I have enough in my shelves) Going out of my 'blue' comfort zone, I've chosen 'green'. I have no green quilts, so 'why not'. 

Springtime, lockdown is over (here), and bears are going outside.

1st quart of the first block.



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samedi 23 mai 2020

Woven Coffee Filters

I have been gathering coffee filters for a while (from a friend because I'm not a coffee drinker). It doesn't work like the teabags I was working with, so I didn't know what to do with them. 
I dyed some of them with indigo and I kept them with my dyed papers.

And then, I discovered Sarah C. Swett's blog ( ) I love her work and her way to work. So, I took my coffee filters and I tried making this little weaving. 

jeudi 14 mai 2020

Eco-dyeing with Logwood - Éco-teinture avec Campêche

Eco-dyeing on paper: logwood on eco-printed watercolor paper.
The last picture shows the paper before dyeing with logwood.


On fibers: different kinds of cotton, linen, wool (fleece and hand-spun), and hemp.
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Working with Nettles from the garden - Travailler avec des orties du jardin

All with Nettles: dyeing on cotton, linen, wool (fleece and hand-spun), and hemp. Nettles from my garden: hand-spun, plied, and braided. Waiting for nettles to be a little taller, there is a lot to learn about nettle spinning, getting the fiber, making paper, and weaving fabric. I have to continue practicing.

Aluminum pan, A-soy milk; B- symplocos

Nettles, Left- copper pan, R- Aluminum pan      
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mardi 5 mai 2020

Postage Stamps Quilt

Postage Stamps Quilt: I tried quilting and it worked, but I found it had too much information (so many fabrics, colors, and printing). So I finally decided to tie it (DMC #8 thread, 2 strands).

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